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Updated: Mar 2

On social media, I follow a lot of inspiring, sometimes seemingly crazy people for the sole purpose to act as a reminder. People like, Cam Hanes, Joe Rogan, Gary V., act as a reminder that we all have a superpower inside us to be unlocked. A lot of the time that superpower can be overlooked in exchange for trying to find a quick fix or an easier way to accomplish success. The superpower I am referring to is consistency in action. As in, consistently acting daily to get one inch closer to your goals and dreams.

Why do I consider this a superpower? Well simply because not many people unlock their potential. Not everyone can or is willing to simply be consistent. And when someone does, they can seemingly have superpowers, or be “very lucky”, despite all the unseen daily sacrifices they’ve made in the name of consistency.

One of the most influential books in my professional career was Gary V’s book “Crush It”. And a constant point he makes in the book is that no matter what he may suggest, the true secret is the consistency of taking action. You will hear him say in seminars candidly that he has no issues giving his best advice for free because he knows most will not act and even fewer will stay with it.

Cam Hanes, who I started following as I’ve gotten into bowhunting. He sets a personal goal of running a marathon every day. Does he really need to run 26miles every day for his health? Probably not, but the real reason he does it is to keep himself consistent and disciplined. Embracing the days where it is tough and painful, and the weather sucks all in the name of consistency.

Am I advocating for you to run a marathon a day? Not at all. What I am advocating though is for you to challenge yourself to do 1 thing every day. Read 10 pages before bed, take a 20-minute walk around the block, or just take 5 minutes to meditate on your day in the morning. And remember that the activity itself is not the reward, building the habit of being consistent will translate far beyond that single action.

Challenge yourself to unlock your own superpower and see how much it bleeds over into the rest of your life.




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