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Most people when thinking of cardio immediately reminisce of high school gym class and running the mile test. While yes this is a half-decent form of cardio, there are most definitely alternative ways to accomplish raising your heart rate. And you may be surprised you can do this all in your living room! Here is a list of four alternative ways you can get some extra cardio in while watching your favorite Netflix special.

1. Every Minute On the Minute (EMOMs):

An EMOM is simply performing a set number of reps of 1-3 exercises within a minute’s time. However, when the next minute starts, your next set starts. For example, you may perform 10 Jumping Jacks, 10 Squats, and 10 Pushups. Let’s say that takes 30 seconds for you to complete, the rest of the time in that minute (30 seconds) is your rest time.

This works best when you have a challenging number of reps to accomplish that makes you move at a faster pace. While you do get some rest, the rest is usually incomplete and as each round goes on you continue to get more fatigued. As well the pressure to complete your reps with as much time as possible left in the minute to get as much rest as possible is a nice motivator to increase the intensity.

2. Intervals

Interval training is where you perform an exercise for a set amount of time followed by a set amount of rest time. The goal Is to accomplish as many reps or distances as possible within that set amount of working time. As the incentive to work fast is not as high as it is in an EMOM this will have a similar effect as the rounds add up, your fatigue will continue to build.

Some common interval splits would be a 1:2, 1:1, 2:1 work to rest ratios. This could be anything from as short as a 10-second sprint, to a 5minute Run. You can get creative with how much time you perform an exercise and can manage the intensity by the amount of rest you will take in comparison.

3. Timed Sets

This is one that may seem so simple and unassuming that you may not give it much thought.

But it is most definitely one that should be considered next time you are looking to get some cardio in. This is like intervals, except instead of performing successive sets of the same exercise you would substitute a rep count for a time. So instead of performing 3 sets of 8 reps, you would perform 3 sets of 30 seconds. Try this with something simple like a bodyweight squat and get back to me on how quickly those reps add up.

4. Rep Outs

This is one where you set a goal of performing a large number of reps of one or a few different exercises. This should be something that seems ambitious, I usually start with a nice round number of 100 reps. It may seem like a lot because it is meant to be a lot. But if you go into it and look to accomplish the total reps in as few sets as possible and as little time as possible it will add up quickly! A good way to challenge yourself would be to time how long it takes you to accomplish the total number of reps. Then the next week look to either beat that time or accomplish more reps in the same time.

You could use any one of these methods or all of them, to change it up from the usually heading out for a run. Especially with winter weather coming in if you find yourself dreading that run in 20* weather try out one of these four alternatives and let me know how it goes!




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