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As a former athlete who was not blessed with the best of genes, I understand how much work it takes to exceed expectations. And it can be complicated to know what the right thing to do for you is. You can find yourself bouncing from program to program or doing what your coach did 30 years ago when they were in high school.

So, with EAPC, you can stop the guessing and start gaining. In order to optimize your athleticism, you cannot waste time. Unfortunately, college coaches begin to try and identify talent at younger and younger ages. So the time to waste is minimal. EAPC will provide the expert coaching, experience, and guidance you need to get to the next level.

"Simple things done savagely well" - Mark Verstegen.

meet your coach:

Jacob Williams, NSCA-CPT

CEO/Head Coach


Like many before me, I started as a skinny kid with big dreams and goals of one day making it to the NFL. Obviously, that did not happen but the journey was still worth every step as it lead me to be here. From as early as the 5th grade I remember building the mentality of dedication, and hard work. Waking up at 5am before school to go for a run, coming home, and working out just because I could. The foundation was laid, a desire to improve my performance and learning the best way to do it became an addiction.

This has carried me all the way to this day, with the only difference being who it is for. After playing Div. II football and working out for multiple CFL and Arena Football teams, I realized my time was over. But the focus just shifted, now it was no longer about me, but rather about influencing the next kid who had the same dreams and guiding them on their journey. I did not always have the means to get access to great private sector coaching, which is my mission with EAPC. Bring expert coaching to those who do not always have the means and provide everyone the opportunity of access. Let's get after it, and DOMINATE THE DAY!

- Coach Jake

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